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Last Updated : 02 JAN 2022

By retaining SKY Web Consulting, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Project Life Cycle and Deliverables

Phase I - Project Start-up
Project scope and timeline is to be discussed between the client and SKY Web Consulting. Content that is required from the client, may include but is not limited to: logos, photos, videos, color scheme, website text/content, or any login information required to access accounts. SKY Web Consulting is not responsible for the intellectual property provided by the client.

Phase II - Project Design
After the initial deposit is received, the project will begin the design phase, and will be executed according to all client requirements and information agreed upon during the start-up phase. During this time, SKY Web Consulting will communicate with the client as needed to make any necessary changes to the draft of the project, and meetings will be held, based on availability.

Phase III -  Project Development
Upon completion of the design phase, the project will be fine tuned to include any additional changes to be made, and discussion between the client and SKY Web Consulting will commence as the close out approaches.  Projects may be subject to additional fees based on changes to the scope of the project or supplementary work done.

Phase IV - Project Close-out
Once the website is handed over, the domain is owned by the client and the site as handed over. Revisions to the website once the design is accepted, will be subject to additional fees. Duplication of the design created by SKY Web Consulting is prohibited.


We will never provide your information to third parties, unless requested to do so by law or by the client.

We may utilize the client testimonial or screenshots of your website for promotional purposes, unless advised otherwise by the client.

SKY Web Consulting retains the right to refuse service for any reason.

Pricing and Payment

We require an initial 50% deposit, to begin the work. The remaining payment is due upon completion of the work.

SKY Web Consulting will do their best to communicate with the client during the different phases of the project with requests and updates. Clients who are unresponsive for a period greater than one month will be subject to additional fees and/or termination of the project, based on the discretion of SKY Web Consulting.

All prices listed on the website are subject to change without notice.

All web services are non-refundable. 

Training & Documentation

We provide complimentary virtual basic training to our clients on how to make changes to your website to make sure it is always up-to-date with the latest information.

Depending on the extent of the training required, it may or may not be covered in the scope of this proposal.

Documentation may be provided for daily functionality of the website (addition and removal of  items etc.).

Documentation will not be provided for structural changes to the website, such as the layout of the website.

SKY Web Consulting offers website modification services for large changes to layout and design of the website.

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