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Pink Sky



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Toronto ON

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How to Order

Our website, or through our dm for any custom packaging and gift options

Delivery/ shipping policy

Free shipping worldwide

Experience as a small business owner

When I became a small business owner, I quickly came to realize that everything in business requires a lot of work and time. Without discipline and time management skills, it’s very difficult to reach the goals you set for yourself. Having a small business, being a full time student, and having a part-time job, it’s difficult to maintain the work life balance. Owning a business is timely, but it allows me to have a creative outlet and it gives me satisfaction knowing I’m selling good quality products.

How the business started

The start of the business took place nearly a year ago December 2020, when I first started to look for watch manufactures. Over the upcoming few weeks I’ve worked with several clients to put together a collection that I created. By the end of July we were able to launch all of our products!

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

In one year we hope to have expanded our products to more than just watches! Don’t forget our mission as well, we hope to give back more to students in post-secondary education.




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