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Pink Sky



Business Name


Business Type

Apparel and environmental education


Toronto, Ontario

Service / Products:

Sustainable loungewear, handmade soy candles

How to Order:

On our website

Delivery/ shipping policy:

Domestic and international delivery available

Experience as a small business owner: It’s a game of trial and error, sometimes there’s lows, but most of the time we experience highs! As our business grows we grow and we have gained such an amazing community of consumers, small business owners, women & men, queer folk and so many more!

How the business started: Alexis Whelan, the founder was studying environmental science in university and learning about the environment sparked an idea to start an eco business. Together with her best friend Alexis Riley, we aim to spread education regarding the environment, sustainable living, and slow fashion, while providing an apparel alternative to fast fashion.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

We hope to carry on growing Suslove while we both are attending law school and hope to continue contributing to the slow fashion movement, but with an even bigger platform Instagram: @shopsuslove


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