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Lamiaceae All Natural Skincare

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All natural skincare and hair care


Serving the GTA Service / Products wide range of body care including soaps, scrubs, butters, lotions, hair oil, hair masks and 3step face regimens

How to Order: Website : Lamiaceae is a brand that represents and backs up all natural skincare enthusiasts in Canada! Skincare lovers who are tired, of putting, chemicals, dyes, and fragrance on their skin! As a brand, we are defined by the theory that the market does not need any more poorly made, overpriced and soulless products. Contrasting this, we are committed to producing the highest quality all-natural skincare, that is handcrafted locally, with zero chemicals, and dyes and the only fragrance we use is 100% pure essential oils.An interesting story really, and it comes from our love of flowers! One year, we had an abundance of lavender and mint growing in the garden. We're thinking of ideas on what to do with it.

Finally we decided to make a body scrub. Not having made a body scrub before, we went online and tried to find recipes. Throughout that journey we found that there can be "not so nice ingredients" used in the formulation of body scrubs. So we started exploring ingredients and becoming more ingredient conscious. Finally we made our was an natural scrub, formulated without the use of artificial dyes and fragrance. It was quite the journey, and throughout the experience we thought more people would want to learn what goes into their skincare.

Perhaps like us...they didn't know...That's when Lamiaceae was born. We just wanted to share our love of natural skincare with the world and educate people on ingredients because like me, they may not know exactly what goes into their skin care and what effects it may have in the long run.🙌



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