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Pink Sky


Golden Leaf Creations

Business Name

Golden Leaf Creations

Business Type

Handmade and digital


North Bay Ontario

Service / Products:

custom handmade products, affirmation cards, and digital print files

How to Order:

Through my Etsy Shop GoldenLeafCbySarah or through my FB page GoldenLeafCreations

Delivery/ shipping policy:

Free untracked shipping for my affirmation cards, instant download for my digital files. Experience as a small business owner: My experience as a small business owner has been a Rollercoaster of a journey. I've been so busy that I'm working non-stop and I've had no sales for months wondering if I should just quit. At the end of the day, I really love being able to work in a way that gives me the ability to spend time with my family.

How the business started: My business started after I finished maternity leave after having my 2nd child. I wanted to make some extra income while I stayed at home with my kids.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

I hope to continue to grow my business and refine it to be the best version of my business yet. I also hope to become more involved in the crafting community and help others starting out. Instagram: @goldenleafcreationsbysarah


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