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Calm Collections

Business Name


Business Type



Toronto, Ontario

Service / Products

Crewnecks, Sweat-shorts


How to Order

Place an order through our website

Delivery/ shipping policy

Take approximately 2-4 Business days for delivery

Experience as a small business owner

Our experience as small business owners is such a RUSH that we enjoy feeling, It is definitely busy. However, we love it. It tends to get challenging juggling our full-time jobs and spreading our brand CalmCollections all at the same time but that’s what business is all about no days off and grinding 24/7. Together as a team, we are able to encourage and step in for one another to provide assistance. Our goal at the end of the day is to grow our brand and provide the comfiest unisex loungewear collection to anyone and everyone.

How the business started

Two friends that chose to reconnect resulted in discussing the topic of Loungewear. Loungewear is something we both enjoy wearing and styling. We decided why not band together to create a unisex loungewear clothing line that all individuals can experience. Thus, CalmCollections was created. As founders of CalmCollections, we believe it is all about the customers and how they feel. We are a Canadian-based clothing brand that strives to make our customers look good, feel beautiful, be stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. Comfort is our primary goal of providing the customer with the ultimate feeling of wearing a cloud.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

In the next year as founders of CalmCollections, we hope to gain exposure to our brand. Also, our super soft material we have to offer and share more unisex loungewear designs/ accessories to our supporters.




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